Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is a big part of your wedding day.

Everyone wants to see it, take photos of it, watch you cut it together and finally have a little (big) slice of it….

Your wedding cake will be a centrepiece. Displayed throughout your wedding reception – representing the style, theme and mood of your big day and will be tasted by all your wedding guests towards the end of your big day.

So yes, as we said… it’s important!

Let’s Talk About Tiers – How Many? Save the Top or Eat It All? Different Flavours or Keep It Simple?

Traditionally wedding cakes symbolised prosperity, good luck and fertility. Made from the best ingredients available they were served to guests and to the couple to ensure a long and happy life together as a family.

In the past, wedding cakes always had three tiers – one to eat after the ceremony, one to eat after the event and one to save for the Christening of your first child. But what about wedding cakes in 2024?

Simply Irresistible Cakes & Fergus Ford Photography

Heidi and Angela from Simply Irresistible Cakes say that “the number of tiers required will depend on how many guests you are having and how you will serve the cake – whether it will be the main dessert after your meal or later in the day with coffee/evening food.

Of course, there’s always the option to add dummy tiers if you want a big cake for impact but aren’t having a big wedding!  It’s always nice to choose different flavours in each tier – something for everyone!

It’s an old tradition to keep the top tier to eat for your first child’s christening, but it’s your cake and your day, who says you have to follow tradition, why not eat it all!?!”

Elsa from Let It Be Cake says that “on average wedding cakes are between 3 to 4 tiers, and this will feed the majority of your guests. Most couples opt for a different flavour per tier giving their guests more choice”

Karen from Iced Images Cakes agrees that “most couples have a different flavour for each tier, so they can try to please everyone. The number of tiers will depend on the couple’s vision and the number of portions of cake required. I would always recommend couples to go for tiered cakes as opposed to a large slab of cake, as tiered cakes are obviously taller and make for more of a feature”.

What’s New About Wedding Cakes in 2024?

Elsa from Let It Be Cake tells us she’s noticed that “couples are going for simplicity, and many are still opting for non-fondant finish [this year]. Colour seems to be a big thing [in 2022] with couples really homing in on their colour scheme [wanting it to be unique and different] from the next couple”. She tells us that couples also want a touch of class and luxury about their cake although, in contrast, Bohemian style is also very popular this year.

Karen from Iced Images Cakes has noticed that “because of lockdown, couples have had a lot more time to plan their wedding cake and research ideas. I’ve had people ask for some truly personalised and fun designs and lots of couples planning Disney themed weddings. Dried flowers, palm spears and pampas grass are proving popular too”.

How Can You Incorporate Your Wedding Cake into The Wedding Day?

Heidi and Angela Simply Irresistible Cakes tell us that “There are many ways to include your theme into the design of the cake- perhaps inspiration from your invitations, flowers or something special to you both as a couple. One of our most memorable requests is making a model of the couples’ dog – their fur baby- to go on the top of the cake!

The most memorable request from a couple that Karen from Iced Images Cakes has ever had was from a couple who were marrying at Hever Castle. They wanted their cake to be shaped as Hever Castle complete with a moat. I made it too! Karen goes on to say that wedding cakes are “so versatile. I’ve made cakes that include a model or are even shaped as the wedding venue” It’s popular right now for couples incorporate “their pets and their hobbies into the cake in some way, either as models or painting on the cake or as personalised cake toppers. Half and half and reveal cakes are great feature and can be two sided to reflect a traditional cake on one side and a theme of the couples’ choice for example on the other”.

Iced Images Cakes

Elsa from Let It Be Cake says that wedding cakes should be personalised [in some way] and include something very meaningful to the couple. Whether it’s a nod to one of them being superhero fans, lovers of travelling, foodies [the cake] should really reflect their personalities.

Top Tip: Make sure to ask at your wedding venue if there is a cake-cutting fee.

What Questions Should You Ask in Your Quest to Find Your Wedding Cake Maker?

Elsa from Let It Be Cake says that couples should really research their cake maker. Look at their past work, make sure its work they have done for other couples and not just dummy cakes that you are being shown. A portfolio doesn’t always show an accurate representation of their actual work or capability. Look at online reviews see what other real couples have said about their work.

Karen from Iced Images Cakes tell us that you should ensure that the cake maker insured and registered with their local Council. Ask to see pictures of their work – social media and websites are great for this and social media is also a great place to look at reviews. She says that she always recommends that couples order a sample box of cakes to try too before confirming their cake order.

And on that note, and in the name of research, we are off to put the kettle on and try a little sample slice (or 3) of wedding cake – yum!

Special thanks to Karen Ker of Iced Image Cakes
Elsa Santana of Let it Be Cake
Heidi Schekira & Angela Ashworth of Simply Irresistible Cakes

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