How To Pick A Wedding Date

Embarking on the exciting journey of marriage starts with an important step: picking a wedding date. With the whispers of romance and the thrill of the engagement come the pragmatic practicalities of actually organising the special day. And the first step is setting that date.Follow our tips and planning advice below on how to pick a wedding date to make sure it’s the perfect one for you!

What’s The Season Of Your Dream Wedding Day?

Whether you imagine a cozy winter wedding with delicate snowflakes adorning your setting, or a vibrant summer day with the warm sun embracing each moment of your garden ceremony, the season profoundly impacts the backdrop and atmosphere of your wedding day.

The lush colours of autumn leaves or the gentle breeze of a spring day – each season carries its unique charm that can enhance the ambiance of your day in a different way.

Seasonal flowers - How to Pick a Wedding Date

The season will also impact the flowers available to you for your floral decor, so if you have ideas for certain favourites, make sure to pick the right season when they’ll be available to be part of your wedding decorations. 

Stretching Your Budget

The budget influences many couple’s wedding planning. A dream wedding that is also affordable can be within grasp with a little strategising around costs and expenses.

Carefully weigh the various financial implications of different dates and how they align with your budget. Planning with an eye on expenses doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality or essentials; instead it’s about maximising value and ensuring your celebration is both beautiful and financially savvy.

Weekday or Weekend?

Deciding between a weekday or weekend wedding can significantly influence your celebration’s cost, availability of venues, and guest attendance.

A weekend, with its allure of a Saturday wedding typically sees higher demand, meaning you might have to book far in advance and be prepared to pay a little more. But there’s an undeniable charm and convenience to weekend weddings that also ensures a better turnout of guests who are more likely to be free from work commitments.

However a weekday wedding also has it’s allure. It can offer more flexibility with venue choices and potentially lower cost. Many venues provide attractive weekday packages that include the same lavish experience at a fraction of the price.

So, consider weighing your priority between convenience for guests and the benefits of weekday nuptials.

Peak and Off Peak Wedding Season

Peak wedding season tends to be May to October in the UK. This sees a higher demand for suppliers, which in turn affects prices.

If you’re looking to make the most of your budget, considering an off-peak season wedding can be a smart choice. During quieter times, venues may offer more competitive prices, allowing you to allocate funds to other areas of your wedding or even perhaps extend your honeymoon plans.

But don’t let the popularity of peak season deter you if it’s your dream timeframe. The vibrant atmosphere and higher chances of ideal weather are irresistible to many couples. Just be sure you book well in advance to secure your desired option.

Check with the Venue and Vendors

There’s no point getting your heart set on a date only to discover that your dream venue or must-have photographer are already booked.

Reach out to these critical players early on to inquire about potential dates that align with your ideal plans.

How to Pick a Wedding Date - dream wedding venue

Securing your venue and vendors well in advance will give you peace of mind and ensure that the foundational elements are in place.

Flexibility might be key – having a few possible dates in mind can greatly increase your chances of booking your favourites. So, prioritise checking off this step soon after you’ve considered your budget and season preferences, to streamline the rest of your wedding preparations!

Auspicious Wedding Days

Different cultures, beliefs, and superstitions have different thoughts around what constitutes a lucky or auspicious day to tie the knot.

According to astrology for example, a New Moon represents a new beginning, a new phase, and is therefore considered a good choice for a wedding day. A solar eclipse is another good luck choice because they too are considered an omen of renewal and cosmic blessings.  

Numerology, the belief in the divine relationship between numbers and events, is another system used to help pick the best wedding dates. It involves calculating the couple’s key numbers based on their birth dates or names to choose a date that resonates with positive energies for them both, for a harmonious union.

Whether consulting astrological charts, numerology, or adhering to cultural customs, choose a date that feels right to you; that’s sure to be the best choice.

Dates to Avoid

When picking your perfect wedding date, there may be certain dates that you will want to cross off. These may be for personal or practical reasons. 

Sad Personal Dates

Anniversaries of loss or days of remembrance are typically sad personal days that you’ll want to avoid, as they can cast a shadow over your joyous occasion. This can include the date of the loss of a loved one, date of a previous marriage or divorce, or any other days you and your partner, or your respective families, may find difficult. Make sure to take the time to consider what dates these might be, to ensure you avoid them. 

National & Religious Holidays

You’ll probably want to factor out both national and religious holidays when setting your sights on a wedding date. These days can impact availability of services, as many venues and vendors take time off, and guests may have prior commitments.

Avoid selecting a bank holiday for your special day if possible, to ensure that all your loved ones can attend without the worry of extra holiday traffic nightmares, prior getaway plans, or increased accommodation costs if they plan to stay in hotels or guest houses. 

Consider too if any of your guests may be observing certain religious holidays, particularly if the bride and groom are from different faiths, which are important to their families or wider guest list.

Local Events

Larger local events happening in your community can drastically affect traffic, which may make it challenging for the wedding party and guests to reach the venue on time.

Local events also often lead to a surge in demand for accommodation which could leave out-of-town guests struggling to find a place to stay, or having to pay an extra premium.

Similarly if you have family and guests coming from further afield they may wish to spend some time exploring and enjoying your part of the world, going to restaurants or visiting places of interests, which may be overrun if the local event taking place is also drawing in large crowds. 

Unlucky Days

As with auspicious days, as you dive into selecting a wedding date, you’ll likely encounter a whirlwind of beliefs and superstitions surrounding unlucky days.

Commonly Friday 13th is considered unlucky for doing anything important. In some Christian traditions weddings during Lent and Advent are discouraged or even forbidden. In astrology it’s advised to avoid retrogrades especially of Venus, which signifies love and harmony, or Mercury which signifies communication. 

While some may not worry about these beliefs and superstitions, for others they’re a critical piece in the puzzle of picking the perfect day. So if you’re a couple that holds these beliefs close to your heart, make sure to cross these ones off too. 

Consult with Your Nearest and Dearest

Gathering wedding date preferences from key individuals such as family members, friends and of course the maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen, will mean you’ll hopefully get the perfect date for everyone.

Busy schedules nowadays can mean that you have to do this well in advance to ensure everyones’ availability.

How to Pick a Wedding Date - family and friends

Asking them also reflects the value you place on their presence. After all, these are the guests at the heart of your celebrations, the people who have coloured your life and will help make your celebrations unforgettable.

School Holidays & Work Schedules

When you’re circling potential dates on the calendar for your big day, remember to consider when it’s best for everyone else to join in the fun more easily.

School breaks can be a big help here for guests with children. These breaks are prime time for family trips and relaxing, so a wedding then might mean more of your loved ones can make it without juggling too much or having to take more time off work if travelling to you.

The only disadvantage though is suppliers can get busier and pricier in these popular periods.

How to Pick a Wedding Date - Save the Date card

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right date is a significant decision that sets the whole tone for your special day and the start of married life. Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to choose a wedding date more easily.

It’s a culmination of considering seasons, budgets, consulting with loved ones, and confirming the availability of your chosen venue and vendors to accommodate your wedding. After all the thoughtful planning, musings, and considerations, the moment to finalise your choice and book your venue is here.

And send out the Save the Date cards! 

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